IMG_6704I am a writer, anthropologist, and teacher with an interest in visual and performing arts in addition to regularly designing and conducting community-based research projects. I am a doctoral candidate in cultural anthropology at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York City, but am currently based in south Louisiana conducting research for my dissertation on land loss and coastal restoration science and their impacts on Louisiana’s diverse coastal communities.

Broadly, my work and research revolves around engagements with, and different understandings of, built and natural environments. I am particularly interested in the sociocultural histories of urban planning and engineering, especially the ways they radically change physical and social environments as they are constructed, reconfigured, or destroyed. Critical and creative engagements with environmental change, the politics of race and gender, art, and science reflect a handful of the topics and projects I work on and make work about. My writing and links to several of the projects I have been involved in can be found on this site in one form or another.

My blog posts can be found under “field dispatches.”