Hyuro in Valencia

What I like so much about Hyuro’s work is the style: Simple color, elegant textures, contoured bodies. The netting cast around and through the bodies in  Hyuro’s pieces gives a sense of movement and struggle to her rather subdued scenes: Bodies entangled with other other bodies, other animals, that never have any apparent direction or face. A fresh take on urban art.

Her (I believe Hyuro is she) is unexpected, creative, and different from the bright colors and bold statements of other works that typically  jump out at you from the sides of buildings. I appreciate this subtlety. The shades of Hyuro’s work blends into the city — the tans, whites, blacks, grays — more impressionistic than in your face. Her scenes are somewhat dark and at times playful, sombre yet light for a Mediterranean city where color and sound come at you from every angle.

Here are some photographs of her recent work in Valencia, Spain that I came across during a recent visit.

These are all taken from walls in Valencia, Spain.

Check out more of Hyuro’s work here.

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