Memory and Land Loss in South Louisiana

Very excited that this edited volume on space and gender put together by the fabulous Aimee Meredith Cox is finally out in the world! Extremely grateful to have been invited to contribute to the edited volume with many scholars I deeply respect and admire. I am also grateful to the inspiration and imagery lent to me in the work of Monique Verdin. Her documentary and photographic work served as inspiration for this chapter.

The editors in the series also did a fabulous job of sharpening the piece and formatting the chapter beautifully. Here are the first few pages. If you want the full chapter (or any other chapter in the book) get in touch. Check out the rest of the pieces in the table of contents here:

Memory_and_Land_Loss_in_South 1.png

Memory_and_Land_Loss_in_South 2.png

Memory_and_Land_Loss_in_South 3.png

Memory_and_Land_Loss_in_South 4.png



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