2016                Natural Infrastructures: Sediment, Science, and the Future of Southeast Louisiana. Engagement: A blog published by the Association of Environmental Anthropology. Published on 3/22/2016.

2015      [book review] “Southern waters: the limits to abundance” by Craig Colten. Journal of Cultural Geography, 32(3): 387-389. Southern_waters

2014     “Reading the Watts Towers, Learning Los Angeles: Story Telling, Public Art, and the Pedagogy of the City,” in Sabato Rodia’s Towers in Watts: Art, Migration, Development, Luisa Del Giudice, ed. Fordham University Press.

2014    [book review] “Re-Imagining The City,” edited by Elizabeth Grierson et al. The Journal of Cultural Geography. Re-imagining the city- art, globalization, and urban spaces

2013    [film review] “El Olvido (Oblivion),” Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology, Vol. 18, Issue 3. Barra (2013) “El Olvido” Review

2013    “The Sky is the Limit: Princeton’s Inaugural Happening.” Princeton University Art Museum Magazine. Happening article_winter_2014

2013    “Casting New Jersey: George Segal and the Peripheries of Everyday Life.” Princeton University Art Museum Magazine. 2013 Fall_Segal-1

2013    “George Segal: Casting New Jersey” – Online Exhibition, Princeton University Art Museum: http://artmuseum.princeton.edu/njns/segal-papers

2012     “Performance, Space, and the Bittersweet Narratives of Women in the City,” in Gender, Sexuality, and Urban Space Working Papers Archive, Graduate Consortium of Women’s Studies, MIT. http://web.mit.edu/gcws/news+events/2012UrbanSpacesPublication.html#performance

Writing found on various online outfits:

“Fighting Gun Violence with Style: Newark, NJ”

“Detropia”: A look at the city of the future

Art(s) in transit: Technology, aesthetics, and the art of urban transformation in NYC

“Sculpting Memory”

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